Little Free Library®

In partnership with Little Free Library®, South Texas Literacy Coalition (STLC) will install Little Free Libraries throughout South Texas communities with the goals of:

1. Creating relationships between reading and youth in our communities in order to foster the growth of literacy.
2.Provide free book resources to the community, in order to promote reading at home and pervade the benefits of literacy.
3.Encourage youth to become engaged year-round by providing access to printed books across several South Texas communities.
Through this collaboration, the STLC strives to create positive associations with literacy in the hope that youth and adults in South Texas develop a motivation and love for reading. Little Free Libraries will be filled with books ranging from pre-K to adult level and will be placed at local organizations, business, and community organizations across our region.

Learn more about Little Free Library® here:

Little Free Library® Locations:

Hacienda Ford

3010 W. University Dr.
Edinburg, Texas 78539

Villalobos Law Firm

8701 N. 22rd
McAllen, Texas 78504

Kleberg County JOTP

103 N. 7th
Riviera, Texas 78379

Granjeno Community

6569 S. FM 494
Mission, Texas 78572

Normal L. Trevino Park

909 Mon Mack Rd.
Edinburg, Texas 78539

Perdue Brandon Fielder

2805 Fountain Plaza Blvd B
Edinburg, Texas 78539